Mouse line generation

We offer a broad range of genetic modifications of mice using CRISPR/Cas9 methodology. 

This include but is not limited to:



    • Generation of indel strains for any particular gene. With this approach targeting properly designed site can generate constitutive knockouts, inactivate a particular splicing isoform, or remove an important regulatory sequence in the genome.
    • Generation of deletions at any locus of the mouse genome. This approach will utilize two gRNAs and can be used to remove entire exons or regulatory sequences in non-conditional manner.
    • Generation of knock-in mice: 
      • Insertion N- or C-terminal (FLAG, EGFP, HA, etc.) tags in locus, which results in expression of a tagged protein from the endogenous gene.
      • Construction of a mouse line expressing Cre recombinase used for conditional KO in specific tissues, either by targeting the ROSA26 locus with Cre recombinase genes accompanied by a specific promoter or by insetting Cre after a tissue specific gene with an IRES of P2A autocleavable sequence.
      • Introduction of specific point mutations: disease related mutations, catalytic mutations etc.
      • Generation of specific Cre regulated conditional regulated alleles. 



The price starts from 27 000 PLN (~5 500 Euro), for more detailed price information see the link

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